Innerlining grade

The quality of the inner tube is determined by the application. These are the main ones as indication only.

For aggressive and corrosive fluids, it is mandatory to contact us in order to check the compatibility of our lining grade (YP and AB) with your specific fluid and working conditions :

Central heating and air conditioning water

Drinking water + 105 °C
Domestic cold and hot water

Food products, drinking water
Domestic cold and hot water

Superheated water + 140 °C, Water vapour

Abrasive or corrosive products
Industrial water – Sea water
Low-temperature water vapour

Gas –Compressed air, Fuel – Oil, Petroleum products with aromatic content <40%, Sanitation water

Industrial and waste water, Hydrogen gas, nitrogen

Strong acids and bases, Aggressive chemicals

Strong acids and bases, Weak chlorinated products

Industrial water
Acidulated water
Diluted acids and bases

Special highly aggressive products