Expertise on-site or in our plant

We are glad to offer you on-site help. We will check your components' conditon, carry out stiffness measurements and analyze your settings. We are also able to issue a report for your records.

If required, we will test your components in our plant. 

On-site junction

Complex components such as BPO, BC1 and the U-profile-joint that are made for nuclear power plants will be installed by our experienced teams to ensure water tightness and a long durability of our products. 

Recommendation & guidance

You can reach us by telephone, e-mail and through our website. Our trained team will find an optimal and suitable solution for you We are also able to help you with questions regarding elastomeric solutions specified to your needs. Contact us!


We offer you a training to get a broad overview of our services and products at DILATOFLEX®. Experienced managers of the quality, technical and sales department will give you detailed information about innovative novelties and are happy to answer all of your questions.

Designing specific solution

To bring you optimal solutions for custom made expansion joints our engineers and technicians are at your disposal and are open for suggestions.

Co-development project

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of rubber processing we are able to produce any type of rubber parts or rubber-to-metal parts. This allows us to adapt to needs of the market and the requirements of our customers.

Pressure tests

Frequent quality controls guarantee the compliance of the expansion joint to the working pressure it’s been designed for. However, you can ask for a unit pressure control of your DILATOFLEX®. We are able to issue a detailed compliance report for your records. You are welcome to join the tests and controls.

Parts receipt at our plant

You are always welcome to check up on your projects' progress by visiting our plant. We are more than happy to show you our production lines. You are also able to attend our inspections and the packaging of the parts before consignment.

Visit our plant

Would you like to visit our plant ? Do not hesitate to contact us to get a better understanding of our production processes and how we maintain our standards.


For perfect traceability we offer you a RFid chip integrated in the rubber part. Thanks to a free typing area on the chip you decide the appearing information. For example: maintenance deadline, type of circuit and rubber-part characteristics.